Doing Raggie's work
Posted by: Hayek | 19 Sep 2011
C'mon, Ragnaros couldn't be bothered to kill his majordomo this time? Well then, we'll do it for him.

Alysrazor crashed
Posted by: Hayek | 19 Sep 2011
Call in the FAA, the NTSB and discovery channel: the plane has crashed.
(a kill from last week, btw)
Molten molten lord
Posted by: Hayek | 22 Aug 2011
Rhyolith has been reduced to a clump of congealed metal and stone - after we warmed him up properly first. 4/7 now.

Baleroc falling over
Posted by: Hayek | 17 Aug 2011
Much easier than expected, but that won't hurt the fun one bit.

Bug smashed; we need a new newspaper. Beth'tilac down
Posted by: Hayek | 15 Jul 2011
Third week in firelands, second boss: we got the spider thingy called Beth'tilac.

Progress now 2/7 in firelands.